Our Method

Garcia & Jones understand that every client’s situation is unique, and tailor their solutions to meet individual needs.

Understanding a client’s current position and future aspirations are paramount to providing a customised property strategy.

Garcia & Jones use a 5 step process to assess needs, develop a strategy and then work towards an outcome.

This integrated, responsible approach simplifies complex property decisions, reducing client time and stress. A collaborative process, engaging a client’s financial advisor/s ensures Garcia & Jones leverage maximum success.


1. Discovery

Garcia & Jones are accessible via phone, email and in person as an initial means of contact. They are available to meet new clients for an obligation free consultation to assist in understanding individual requirements, and to determine where their expertise can provide value.

The discovery process involves an in depth brief that establishes current status and goals. This process is often conducted in collaboration with a trusted financial advisor, mortgage broker, accountant or solicitor to ensure a well rounded picture is obtained of a client’s position and goals.

Research & Analysis

2. Research & Analysis

Once client requirements are understood, the experienced team at Garcia & Jones will undertake a comprehensive analysis to identify and review the external market environment, and the approach and strategy best suited to the client.

This part of the process could involve activities such as a review of the proposed product type in context of location, likely target market and current economic conditions. A comprehensive analysis of a new client’s current position is critical to providing the correct strategy.

Strategy & Development

3. Strategy & Development

Further to collaboration with the client, Garcia & Jones will present a detailed property strategy, in addition to a transparent and clearly explained pricing structure reflective of desired client outcomes.

The personalised strategy may include services such as the purchase of a property or properties, management of the sale of properties, development of existing holdings, or project management of more complex transactions. Given that each situation is unique, often a combination of these services may be recommended to maximise the client’s success – whatever this may be.

Strategy Execution

4. Strategy Execution

With the agreed strategy in place, Garcia & Jones will remain in close contact to ensure that the client retains a complete understanding of all activities taking place in relation to their property portfolio/ transaction at any point in time.

Regular communication, transparent reporting and outcome driven advice is key to achieving your property goals.

Often the execution of a certain strategy can take some time and can sometimes be an emotional experience, making an expert property consultant crucial to ensure the ultimate outcome is reached.

Review and Manage

5. Review and Manage

Garcia & Jones takes a flexible approach to every strategic plan, understanding that market conditions and circumstances can change at any time, and will take the time to revisit this with the client on an as needs basis. Each client’s needs are profoundly unique and so a tailored plan is key to ensuring that your individual goals are met.

This may include an annual review of a property plan, ongoing management of residential tenancies or referral to one of Garcia & Jones strategic partners for further advice.