Pricing Model

To highlight the integrity of their role as a trusted advisor, Garcia and Jones operate on a fee for service basis, structured around the delivery of key milestones.

Pricing Model

Most property advocates work on a commission basis and are paid a percentage of the transaction value.

Whilst a commission model might work for Estate Agents, a binary success fee is not conducive to independent advice. Strategy, research and outcome should not be clouded by whether your advisor is being paid a commission or not.

Garcia and Jones have therefore developed a fee for service payment model.

The process works as follows:

  • Once a Garcia & Jones property advocate understands the client’s needs, a quotation based on a combination of scaled packages and hourly rates is tailored to their strategy.
  • Clients only pay for the work actually completed. Payments are made on a milestone basis, in a similar way to other professional services such as a solicitor or accountant.
  • Property management customers can choose to engage on a traditional collection model or a flat rate model.