General Background:

Successful development generally means acquiring land at an appropriate price, to enable development and a margin.

Contrary to this, owners selling a development site want to achieve the highest net price, with the minimum cost and stress.


Potential Problems:

This can set a stage for tension, distrust and often an impasse as both sides fear a zero sum game.


Experience is the backbone of Solution:

G&J are almost 'uniquely' experienced as independent property advisors.


On one hand, we have been involved in our own medium scale developments and sat on boards (as advisors) for development businesses. On the other hand, we have for many years, advised vendors who were selling development sites.


This dual lens of experience enables us to deeply understand the needs of both sides, and to develop strategies towards ‘win-win’ solutions.


Over the years, we have been heavily involved in negotiations, the structuring of transactions, product development and feasibility.


We are especially experienced in sites in the $5m - $15m range, suitable for medium scale apartment development.


Achieving Profitable Outcomes:

Whether acting for buyers or sellers, such work often begins with a preliminary yields study and feasibility to understand development value.


If we can assist you (as a developer) with the securing, or (as a vendor) on the strategic disposal of such a property, please be in touch.


Naturally, we only ever represent one side of a particular transaction, to maintain our strict independence.


Substantial Business Premises




$5m - $15m