Independent property advice & strategy


We offer recommendations on portfolio holdings, upgrading and downgrading properties. We manage external contractors such as valuers, agents, town planners designers, and researchers.


We work to understand clients' property requirements and build a solution, whereby their net position is maximised.


Our clients include individuals, family offices, business owners and corporates.


Transaction management for Family Law & Probate Law matters


We are deeply experienced at the disposal of managing complex residential and commercial properties. We work as a third party, adding another level of probity to transactions.


We are either appointed by the joint stakeholders, a court order or by the executors. This is especially helpful where stakeholders are in dispute, have potential for dispute or simply cannot agree on a path forward to dispose of a portfolio or individual property assets.


Analysis and negotiation services for significant transactions

We offer discrete and boutique advocacy services for significant residential and commercial property transactions.


Advisory services for corporate property owners and property service businesses

Given our experience in the area of building and improving property businesses, we are increasingly sought after for advice to the owners and boards of property businesses.


This has included premium estate agencies, architects, corporate property developers and marketing businesses.

Development advisory services

We continue to be involved in the area of quality property development and have done so for many years. We are especially experience in mid- to high-rise residential.

We do not manage development sites but are often called upon by clients during the early stages of their journey. We can assist with exploration, feasibility and therefore property value.


We work across metropolitan Melbourne and parts of regional Victoria.

Email: info@garciajones.com.au

Tel (03) 8679 6999

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