We pursue superior and comprehensive results that improve our clients’ overall position. 


Whether you require transaction management or independent advice, our service is hands on. It is an end-to-end ‘concierge service’.


In simplified terms, we:

  • Consider and assess the client's situation,

  • Build a strategic plan,

  • Execute the plan,

  • And charge on a fee-for-service basis.


Our clients include significant property owners, corporations with property assets, property service professionals, sophisticated developers and elite estate agents.


We work closely with clients’ own advisors such as accountants, solicitors and financial planners. In the case of corporates, we work with business owners, boards and C suite executives.


We are experienced at working on multi-stakeholder projects as well as individuals’ projects.  


Covid -19

Property, by its nature requires lots of site visits, meetings and negotiations. Meeting people face-to-face and physically viewing and touching a property are often an important step towards understand a situation. 


Whilst we have always conducted a lot of our work over the phone, e-mail or on zoom, Covid-19 has forced these modes of communication to become the standard rather than meeting face-to-face.


Whilst this has been uncomfortable for some clients, it has also significantly reduced the time spent travelling and time in meetings. This has led to less hours being spent and greater overall efficiency for clients.